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Graduate Thesis

The end of degree project pair defined today by the annex to the order ECI/3856/2007, of December 27, which lays down the requirements for the verification of official university qualifications that enable for the exercise of the profession of architect.

According to this law, the PFG consist of presentation and defence, once obtained all the credits of the curriculum, from an original exercise individually, a University Court which should include at least one professional of recognized prestige proposed by the professional organisations. The exercise will consist of a comprehensive project of architecture of professional nature in which synthesize all the skills acquired in the race, developed to the point of demonstrating sufficiency to determine the complete execution of the building works to see, with fulfilment of the applicable technical and administrative regulations.

With rules

Regulation of GFR/TFM of the EPS

Protocol in the readings of GFR in the EPS

Documentation for the delivery and defence

For the defence of a Dissertation, it is necessary to deliver all the documentation that listed below on a CD/DVD in the EPS I register office, should also be sent by e-mail to the head of studies (

  • Memory of the GFR
  • Overview of the GFR
    • In txt format, with an extension not exceeding 500 words.
  • Poster
    • A3 size and vertical orientation. The style of the poster is free, although you must necessarily include the name of the degree and the academic year, as well as the title of the TFG, and the name and surname of the student. The poster must not include the name of the guardians or tutors, and will be delivered in electronic format only.
  • Document of responsibility and ownership of unpublished work
    • This should include document necessarily signed by the author of the TFG.

Overview in PDF format of the documentation to deliver by the student


Documentation for tutors

It should be sent by email to the Chief of studies (

Documentation for the Court

After the evaluation, the clerk of the Court shall be given all the documents in the register office of the EPS I.

  • Evaluation individial of each Member of the tribunal
  • Final act of evaluation
  • Verification of the delivered documentation document

Degree in architecture

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