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The external practices constitute an activity of formative nature realised by the university students and supervised by the University, whose aim is to allow apply and complement the knowledges purchased in his academic training, favouring the acquisition of competitions that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate his empleabilidad and boost his capacity of emprendimiento.

In the Degree in Foundations of the Architecture have of an asignatura of caracter optativo in 5º course to realise practices in companies:

The students will realise a practice of 150 hours of length in any one of the companies that have of agreement of practices signed with the University of Alicante. In case of not being signed said agreement will have to give of high and be signed between the University and the company. For this has to sign the following agreement and send it to

Once chosen the company where will realise his practical will have to sign the agreement of practices in which they will expose the activities to develop.

The students have to do a calendar in which they register the activities developed during the practice and deliver a memory written following the staffbeside the questionnaire of practices. The company will have to evaluate the practice developed by the students by means of the following leaf of evaluation that will be able to be presented beside the memory of practices or envoy through email to the tutor of the practice. In addition to the part written, the memory has to contain a graphic part with the most stood out images of the works developed. In case that the company require it, the images or planes will be able to contain mark of water.

All the documentation, Memory questionnaireleaf of evaluation has to go up to the UAcloud to the section of evaluation opened for such effect in the asignatura.

Requirements of matrícula

To be able to cursar the asignatura of external practices recommends  have surpassed the asignaturas of the first, second and third course.


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