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Postgraduate Studies

Graduating in architecture enables to the exercise of the profession of architect, and their professional responsibilities are regulated by law. The free exercise of the profession is supervised by the official College of architects. You can access professional or research and other postgraduate Masters according to current regulations.

Natural continuation of the degree

The natural continuation of studies of a graduate in architecture is the

Master's degree in architecture and urban sustainable development

The purpose of this Master is the professionalization and the initiation tasks academic/research in the field of architecture and urbanism.

Related Masters

If the graduate wants to extend its expertise in other related branches of architecture you can choose by the following master's programmes offered by the Polytechnic School:

Master in occupational risk prevention

Master in building management

Master in materials engineering, water and land


Other masters and postgraduate courses

If the graduate would like to expand their knowledge in other areas not related to the degree you can choose a variety of master's degrees and studies which offer the University of Alicante.


Degree in architecture

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