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Graduating in architecture from the University of Alicante is implemented progressively from the academic year 2010 / 2011. In this academic year 2014 / 2015 is implanted for the first time fifth course. In this academic year 2014 / 2015 a new degree in foundations of architecture which gradually terminate the graduate in architecture will be implemented. The degree in foundations of architecture, along with Master's degree in architecture, replaces and equals the degree in architecture as a whole. To find out the new degree in foundations of architecture

The decision to adapt to the new Plan exclusively students, which ensures the possibility of exhausting the period of permanence, teaching and right to review in any subject from grade to extinguish. However the recognition of credits between both plans should be sets in the most flexible way possible by facilitating the adaptation.

The degree Committee will establish the necessary mechanisms to review the implementation of the new title, will coordinate its contents and will detect any possible failure in the process of implementation of the new Plan.

The overall purpose of the studies of the degree in architecture is to prepare versatile, flexible, creative and competitive professionals with ability to conceive and design architectural projects, collaborate with professionals in technology related and technological decisions in accordance with criteria of cost, quality, safety, time and respect for the principles of the profession.

The title enables for the exercise of the profession of architect. Their professional responsibilities are regulated by law. The free exercise of the profession is supervised by professional associations of architects.

The main regulatory standards of the professional practice are, amongst others, the following provisions (in chronological order):
((a) Royal Decree 2512 / 1977 of June 17, laying down the rates of honorariums of architects in work of their profession, ratified except in the economic aspects by repealing provision of law 7 / 1997, of 14 April, of liberalization measures in the field of soil and professional associations).
b) law 38/1999, of 5 November, on management of the building.
(c) Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7 September 2005 on the recognition of
professional qualifications.
d) Royal Decree 314/2006, of March 17, which approves the technical building code (CTE).

These rules not only give their existence for granted but that guarantee their importance in contemporary society by granting him powers of great importance in the developed economies, such as the following:
Drafting of building of new construction, expansion, modification, refurbishment, rehabilitation or intervention in listed buildings.
Direction of the work of building of new construction, expansion, modification, refurbishment, rehabilitation or intervention in listed buildings.
Execution management for the building construction of new construction, expansion, modification, refurbishment, rehabilitation or intervention in listed buildings, in the cases provided for by the legislation in force.
Drafting instruments of urban planning such as general urban plans, partial plans, detailed studies, urban programmes, special plans of any type, subsidiary planning regulations, additional standards for the planning and projects of delimitation of urban land.
Drafting instruments of urban management such as projects for allotment, land subdivision and expropriation.
Participation in the drafting of regional planning.
Drafting of urbanization.
Advice and other urban jobs.
Boundaries of land, solar and buildings; stake out of boundaries and alignments; measurements of land, lots and buildings.
Valuations and appraisals of land, lots, buildings and property rights.
Drafting of reports, opinions and certificates about architecture, construction, town planning and historical heritage; issuing expert opinions in trials and arbitrations, orally or in writing.
The drafting and management of decoration, furnishing and decoration of buildings and premises; scenic, industrial and craft design.
Demolition of buildings and constructions projects.
Development and facility sizing.
Drafting documents for legalization of works records

They are available in a public way: memory of the title, follow-up reports, surveys and the improvement actions on the website of the internal quality guarantee system .

The agreements of the qualification Commission and its members are available for public on the website of Polytechnic School Regulations.

Degree in architecture

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