Functions of the Delegation DEEPSUA

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Functions of the Delegation

-The delegation of students from the EPS is responsible for representing all the collective of students of the Polytechnic School, defend their rights and interests before other members of the University community, as well as at regional and State level.

-We have mediators in any conflict between the Group of students and teachers, we collaborate with any body or organ of the University to improve and benefit to the Group of students.

-We encourage the participation of the students in the different areas of the University, such as participation in active and passive way in elections of bodies of the University.

-We carry out courses of complementary training, visits and trips to events of interest to the Group of students, we collaborate in the realization of the borders and festivities of the school or University.

-We advise the Group of students at the Polytechnic School issues, as it can be in claims of tests, validation request, schedule of courses, examination schedules, courses, etc.

-Currently we cooperate actively in the realization of the schedules of the subject, as well as the dates of exams in the majority of degrees.
-The delegation of students from the EPS, is composed of all / as the students who are representatives of the Group of students of the EPS in any organ of representation of the University of Alicante, and accept the rules of procedure by the delegation of students to the EPS.