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What are the antecedents of DiscoWeb service?

The history of the DiscoWeb is diskspace the EPS . Came the need to:

  • Connection as folder or directory from heterogeneous environments and more space
  • Scheduled backup service
  • Greater user-friendliness and usability


DISCOWEB project of the higher Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante is a network accessible storage service:

  • as own folder
  • integration with OS-> Drag and Drop
  • safely - > SSL
  • with the possibility of recovery
  • with 4GB of space
  • accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • with the users of the EPS, which is integrated into the central authentication system

DISCOWEB is the perfect complement to other known product of the EPS as it is the ESPACIOWEB .

It arises from the need to:

  • Connection as folder or directory from finalproject environments and more space.
  • Scheduled backup service.
  • Greater user-friendliness and usability.


You don't have to pass data stored in ESPACIOWEB , since it's two views of the same data.


WebDAV requirements a client for the service DISCOWEB . This client is found in:


  • Windows XP has integrated a client wevDAV called 'web folders'.
  • Browser Internet Explorer.
  • Firefox browser.


  • Nautilus (Gnome documentation browser is).
  • Browser Konqueror (available for any X Server).
  • Corpse: mode client command similar to ftp.
  • Davfs2 file system.



In the EPS website you can find all the information to configure this service in different systems:


The system provides encrypted using SSL, sessions exactly the same as the other services of EPS (enrollment shifts of practices,...)


EnvironmentHtml helpVideo in flash
Windows 7 Help -
Windows XP Help Video in flash
Internet Explorer Help Video in flash
Linux (Gnome) Help Video in flash
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