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disk space

ESPACIOWEB Has like main aim the one to provide space in disk for the students and professors of the EPS , a space of virtual storage, accessible from any place and anytime, through a connection to Internet.

All this information stores in the servers of the EPS , kept by the own technical team, that looks after the security of all the systems that offer these services.

Access : through the eServices of the web of the School

Characteristics :

  • Maximum space by user of 4GB.
  • Backups that allow the recovery by the own user of files with a maximum of 30 days.
  • Dynamic load of the tree of directories with load of subdirectories under demand.
  • Statistics of occupation and use of the space.
  • Busqueda, load and downloads files with a maximum of 20 MB by file.

Security: So much the accesses like the communication will be protected under the identification user/password and the coding of the data of safe form SSL.

Functionality :

  • Storage and gestión of archives of form structured by means of the creation of directories multinivel.
  • Visualise, edit, copy, move, erase archives by means of functionality DRAG and DROP.
  • Compress and decompress archives in the server
  • Possibility to deliver practices of asignaturas of the EPS directly. Deliver practices. The system will warn you if have open practices and will give you access to the delivery that is supported by the space in ancient disk.


This application has been developed and tested for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox 2 and 3
  • Google Chrome 0.3
  • It operates 9.6
  • Safari 3.1


The development of the application ESPACIOWEB has been realised by the technicians of the EPS , based in Extplorer , a free software developed by Soeren Eberhardt.


We can divide the interface in five parts:

  • The tree of directories.
  • The bar of state.
  • The menu of grid.
  • The GRID, where see the content of a directory selected in the tree.
  • Upper menu of additional services.

Arbol Of Directories

In the tree will list us only the directories. We can drag and soltar from the grid so many files like directories, and includo move them in the same tree.

Bar of state

It is in the part of down of the grid and will allow us move us by the files in case to be a big number and needed a pagination, and besides informs of the exito or failure of the actions as well as what is doing .


In the menu of the grid have access to the distinct operations that can realise with the files/directories. Many of the options are accessible besides in the contextual menu that will go out pressing right button on the files.


We identify like GRID to the right part of the ESPACIOWEB . In him visionamos the content of a directory selected in the tree, each element and his size. We can move or copy elements arrastrandolos to the tree. From the GRID allows us create files ZIP, download, load, etc... Already it was by the contextual emergent menu or using the buttons of the menu. We will be able to order by name, type, size and date of modification.


BUSQUEDA: Look for files and directories


EDIT: depending on the extension, will be able to edit the files.


COMPRESS: can realise compressions of directories and files. To select several elements it is necessary to keep tightened the key CTRL while it does a click on the files or directories to compress. See example of as it does .

DECOMPRESS: the extraction of the content of the file compressed will realise in the same folder where was said file.


FILTER: it allows us visualise the elements that coincide with a pattern.

Other operations:


Direct access to the system from where allows realise the delivery of practise.

ESTADISTICAS: Information on what carry busy, and the evolution of the space during the last months.

BACKUPS: service that allows us recover any element that tuviermos stored in our space, during the last 30 days. We will be able to realise restorations, as well as consult the realised. See example of how does

HISTORIAL: Service of query of actions realised inside our space.

CONTACT: direct access to the form of contact, in case of query, suggestion or detection of anomaly.

LANGUAGE: we will be able to choose between Spanish and English, and shortly in Valencian.

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