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This document is an exhibition of the different services available in EPS for both students and teachers

Authentication of users in the EPS

It helps users of the EPS

In order to enter the EPS services need a username and a password. If you have any questions regarding this subject click on help to the users of the EPS .

Services for students

Teams in the free classroom reservations

There is a laboratory intended for free use in the building of the Polytechnic School I that students carry out their practices (L04A). This laboratory is separated into four zones described below as you enter from the gateway to the bottom:

    The following areas of computers have internet connection up to the pages of the University of Alicante.
  • L04A (Windows and Linux) : these 14 computers have installed both system operating windows and linux and all the software necessary to perform the practices.
  • L04C (MAC) : 2 iMAC
  • L04D (Windows and Linux) : these 24 computers have installed the system operating linux and windows with all the necessary programs to the student perform their practices.
  • Laptops : this area has been reserved so students work with their laptops without any PC. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden the disconnection of any of the pc´s of the classroom for this purpose.

Click here to see a diagram of the classroom

You want to use the free classroom but you don't want to find yourself with the problem of the lack of computers? You can make a reservation two hours in advance but always respecting our rules of use .

MSDN user

Since March 2007 the Polytechnic has an agreement with Microsoft that allows you to download and use the software that you will need for your internship. To take advantage of said agreement must obtain your user MSDN registering within the eServices of the EPS. More information here

Service of impression

In the classroom of free access L04 all the students have available a printer and a plotter (this last with previous reservation) for his utilisation. More information  here

Service on disk

Do you need to keep your practice and download them anywhere else? In the EPS have a service on disk with 4GB capacity, with backups for data for a month.

Services for teachers

Reservation of laboratories

Do you need to use EPS laboratories to carry out any examination of practices, recover some kind, etc? You can reserve the lab using this service.

Reservation of rooms

The higher Polytechnic School of Alicante has 5 rooms located in the building I and IV. If you need to use any of them you can make your reservation using this page.

Parts breakdown

If you teach practical teaching in the laboratories of the EPS and you detect a problem in any of the computers in the classroom you can make a part of fault indicating the problem in such a way that our technicians will be immediately warned and will proceed to the solution of the problem in the shortest possible time.

Practices in Enterprise

Practices in companies are the work of a student of the higher Polytechnic School of the University of Alicante in a company or public or private agency. If you wish to participate as a tutor of practices in company carefully read this information

Send email to all students in a course

If you need to send information to all students in any of your courses you can use this service

Requests for software installation

If you teach teaching laboratories of the EPS and need to use some kind of software on windows or linux you must let us know before each semester begins so that we have in mind.

General Services

Inquiry of laboratories schedules

We have a few pages of information about the schedules of the laboratories of the EPS. These pages you can assist in both if you are a teacher you are a student.

  • If you are a teacher and you need to book some laboratory, you can check the free holes remaining.
  • If you are a student and need to consult schedule any of your subjects or laboratory in which it is taught.

Access to virtual campus

Exit Internet

Reading the e-mail

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