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Help autentificación in the EPS

¿Who can give of high like user of the EPS?

Para darte de alta como usuario de la Escuela Politécnica debes ser estudiante o profesor de la misma. El correo que deberás usar para el alta es el mismo con el que accedas a tu uaCloud.


alta usuario EPS

I do not remember my password of my user of the EPS. What have to do?

Solicitar un nuevo password en el enlace

Introduce el usuario de la EPS

Ahí deberás introducir tu usuario web de la EPS. Si no lo recuerdas, puedes intentarlo con tu email de la UA.

El usuario web suele ser la parte antes de la arroba. Por ejemplo el usuario debe de ser miNombre

Recibirás un email en tu cuenta de correo con un enlace.

Email que recibirás con el enlace

Si pulsas en en enlace del email, te aparecerá la pantalla para realizar el cambio de contraseña. Este enlace te servirá durante 4 días. Si tardas más en acceder a él, tendrás que realizar una nueva solicitud de enlace.

Pantalla para realizar el cambio de password

Mientras introduces el nuevo password, podrás ver la fortaleza del mismo. Hasta que no introduzcas un mínimo de 6 caractéres, algún dígito, alguna mayúscula y algún carácter especial, no se pondrá en verde.

A continuación, deberás introducir la contraseña de nuevo. Mientras no sea exactamente igual a la primera contraseña introducida, no se te realizará el cambio de contraseña.


I want to change my password of the EPS

Go to the web page of the Polytechnical School: and go in to the services of the School like User of the EPS.

It will appear a picture asking you your user and your password of the EPS.

Put your user and password of the EPS

In the menu that appears to the left selects the option Users EPS, and inside her Data on the user.

It appears a screen with your data, here can change you the question and answer of security pressing the button Finish.

Here you can change the question and answer of security

If by the contrary, what wish is to change the password, presses the button Password.

Here you can change the password of your  user

Now you have to put the ancient password in the picture of Ancient text and afterwards writes the new password in New Password and repeats the same in the picture Repeat New Password . Afterwards it presses the button Finish .

Norms to choose a good password

It has to have at least six characters.

It has to contain two alphabetic characters and a numerical or special character or a mix of capital and tiny letters.

It recommends that have at least three characters that were not in the password previous.

It can base in the concatenation of two or more words or parts of words.

It can base in the inclusion of a word inside another word. For example, cladificilve that has the word dificil inside the keyword.

It can base in the intercalado of the letters of one or more words: for example, 'glaotroo' intercala 'parrot' and 'cat'.

It does not have to be any part of the name of the user or the name of some member of his family or friends.

It does not have to be a significant number for the user or for somebody near to the user like numbers of the social security, enrols of the car, number of telephone, dates of birth, etc.

A good password does not have to be detectable by a program that, for example, test with the words of a dictionary.

I do not remember the password of my email of the University of Alicante

The data to go in to see your email are the same that to go in to the Virtual Campus. When you enrol you for the first time, the University sends you a letter with your email and the password to access. This post is not responsibility of the technicians of the Polytechnical School, but to continuation explain you as you can change this password if you know you the one of the Virtual Campus.

It remembers that there are two passwords that are not the same:

  • The password of the Virtual Campus and Post Eletrónico (webmail) that depends on the University.
  • The password of the Polytechnical School that serves to access to the computers of the free classroom and to go in to the services of the School from his web page.

It goes in in the page of the University: and it presses on the option WEBMAIL that appears in the blue menu of the top. It will appear the page to access to the post of the University.

Page of the webmail of the UA

It presses on the sentence Change of password of autentificación to change the password. It will appear the following window:

Page of the change of password of the webmail of the UA

Put your user (email of the UA) and the key of the Virtual Campus in the boxes from above. In the ones of down put the new password and repeat it again, afterwards presses the button Accept and will have changed your password of the email and of the Virtual Campus of the University.

If have any problem in relation to the email of the UA have to direct doubts and incidences to


do not remember the password of the virtual campus

In this case you have to attend to the office of the centre to the that belong, in this case, to the office of the Upper Polytechnical School.

Still I follow with problems with my user...

In this case you can attend to the classroom of free practices in the Classroom L04 (Polytechnical building I, where is the office) or call to the extension 2782 where will attend you a scholar to resolve your doubts.

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