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Internships are a training activity carried out by university students and supervised by the University, whose objective is to allow them to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, favouring the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate their employability and foster their capacity for entrepreneurship.

In the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture we have an optional subject in the 5th year (second semester) for internships in companies:

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Students will carry out an internship of 150 hours in any of the companies that have an internship agreement signed with the University of Alicante. If this agreement has not been signed, it must be registered and signed by the University and the company. To do so, the following agreementmust be signed and send it to

Once the internship placement company has been chosen, the internship agreement must be signed, setting out the activities to be carried out.

Students have to make a calendar recording the activities carried out during the placement and submit a written report following the template together with the placement questionnaire. The company must evaluate the internship carried out by the students by means of the following evaluation sheet which may be submitted together with the internship report or sent by e-mail to the internship tutor. In addition to the written part, the report has to contain a graphic part with the most outstanding images of the work carried out. If required by the company, the images or plans may contain a watermark.

All documentation, Report questionnaire+ evaluation sheet must be uploaded to UACloud to the evaluation section opened for this purpose in the course.

Enrolment requirements

In order to be able to take the external internship course, it is recommended to have passed the first, second and third year courses.


Access to the internships in companies regulations


Further information (How is the Degree? Internships in companies and institutions)

If you have any questions about the organisation of the Internships, please consult the teaching guide for the subject or contact the lecturer responsible (Angel:

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