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Mobility Grants

Exceptional situation COVID-19

Dear Erasmus students for the academic year 2020-21,  

Due to the health emergency and the consequent state of alarm that we are experiencing, we must inform you that, for the time being, the Erasmus programme is on hold. The hope is that all mobility grants awarded for the next academic year can be carried out once this crisis has been overcome, although, logically, it is impossible to guarantee anything now, given the dynamic and uncertain situation. However, this does not mean that we cannot continue working, as we are doing, to advance processes that facilitate the processing of the grant when possible and, also, to keep morale high.

Therefore, those of you who have already been awarded a grant with a firm decision and have not yet contacted your coordinator to provide you with instructions and to assign you a mobility tutor (PATi), you can do so by writing an email to José Parra. As long as you do not incur costs, such as buying plane tickets or booking flats or residences that cannot be reimbursed if the mobility cannot be carried out, you can, however, make progress in your learning agreement by deciding which subjects to take at your destination. 


In the following link you can find the agreements ordered by destination country. In case of SICUE grants you can see the destinations in this link.

Here you can download the table of UA subjects that you could recognise outside Spain, as well as the standard form to fill in the description and credits of the subjects that you would like to validate for UA subjects.

Once the document is finished, it must be sent to your PATi so that they can approve the proposal. After the approval, the proposal will be uploaded to UACloud to be signed by the deputy director of mobility of Architecture.

The Learning Agreement is filled in within UAcloud, in the Mobility Programmes application: Mobility Programmes application in UACloud.

The Learning Agreement is the document that establishes which UA subjects you want to validate for subjects at the host university.
The Coordinator of each degree can guide you in completing it, clarifying which subjects can be included in the agreement, and for which subjects they can be validated.

Modifying the agreement does not automatically modify your enrolment. To modify your enrolment, you have to request it: Enrolment modification request.

The established deadlines for making modifications are as follows:
SICUE Academic Agreement: 1 month from the date of arrival at the host institution.
Learning Agreement Erasmus: until 1 November for students in the first semester, and until 1 March for students in the second semester. If at your host university the second semester starts after 1 March, the deadline can be extended up to one month from the beginning of that semester, provided that you inform us of this circumstance.

Once your stay is over, you will have to take a copy of the learning or final agreement with all the signatures to UA Mobility and another one to EPS Mobility.


More information (How is the Degree? Mobility and exchange programmes) (Internationalisation and Mobility Unit of the EPS)

For any questions about mobility grants you can contact the mobility coordinator of the degree (Jose:



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