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Student Participation in Mobility Programmes

The mobility programmes in which the students of the Polytechnic School participate are: Erasmus K103, Santander Iberoamerica, Global Non-European Mobility, KA107 Non-European Mobility and SICUE.

In the case of international mobility, corresponding to both the Erasmus European Mobility KA103 programme and the Non-European Global Mobility, Santander Iberoamerica and KA107 programmes, the number of students of the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture who have participated in the last courses is:

  •     30 students sent and 33 hosted in 2014-15.
  •     36 students sent and 40 hosted in 2015-16
  •     58 students sent and 75 hosted in 2016-17
  •     49 students sent and 93 hosted in 2017-18
  •     27 students sent and 85 hosted in 2018-19
  •     22 students sent and 85 hosted in 2019-20

In the current academic year 2020-21, 14 students from the Degree in Fundamentals of Architecture have been sent and 32 foreign students have been accepted. These numbers, to which we must add 2 SICUE students sent, reflect the significant decrease in mobility in a year marked by the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and the difficulties and uncertainties associated with it. Even so, it is worth highlighting the commitment of the students of the Degree in Foundations of Architecture to international exchange as, although global mobility has not been possible, our students have continued to travel to Europe and to apply for new destinations in the closer surroundings of the continent.

From the academic year 2021-22 we hope to be able to recover as soon as possible mobility numbers close to those of recent academic years in the Bachelor's Degree in Foundations of Architecture, which has received an average of 85 international students, which represents almost a fifth of its student body.

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