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Frequently Asked Questions TFG

Final Year Project Enrolment

When can I enrol in the Final Year Project?

Once you have obtained 168 degree credits.

What is the timetable to enrol in the Final Year Project?

You can enrol in the ordinary periods and in January.

Can I submit my Final Year Project in December (C1)?

In order to submit your Final Year Project in December (C1) you have to make a specific request in the enrolment process. In this case you will have another oportunity in June (C3) but not in September (C4). 

Final Year Project Choice

What is the Final Year Project proposal?

It is the project data description. You have to choose one proposal of a topic of your interest.

How is asigned the Final Year Project?

There are two options: 

  • You can contact with a professor and discuss about one proposal you would like to develop. In this case, you will be preassigned.
  • You can choose different proposals from UAProject. Once the enrolment period is finished you will have 15 days to do the process of selecting proposals.

Who can introduce a proposal in UAProject?

Only professors of the degree. Students can not introduce proposals in UAProject.

Do I need to enrol in the Final Year Project to have a preasigned proposal?

No, you only need to be a student of the degree.

How much time is assigned a proposal to each student?

If you are not enrolled in the Final Year Project it will be assigned to you one year. If you are enrolled it will be assigned to you during 3 years.

My supervisor has included a proposal in UAProject preassigned to me. Do I need to do something else?

No, it is ok.

What is the next step when a proposal is assigned to me in UAProject? 

It is highly recommended to have a meeting with your supervisor.

How are assigned the proposals in UAProject? 

The proposals are assigned by degree qualifications ranking.

Final Year Project Assesment

Is there any requirement to request the Final Year Project dissertation?

You only will be able to do your presentation when you have two subjects left pending and the Final Year Project. 

Do I need to have the B1 level to present the Final Year Project?

No, but the qualification only will appear in your academic record when you obtain the B1 level. If you do not have the B1 level your qualification will be "Not having been submitted".

What is the schedule to present de Final Year Project?

Dates will be published in UAProject and in the web page.

How many oportunities are there to present the Final Year Project in a course?

Two oportunities: one ordinary (C3) and one extraordinary (choosing between C1 (December/January) or C4 (September)). 

What are the steps to present the Final Year Project?

Complete the application within the time period and choose the type of presentation.

Once your supervisor makes the approval of your Final Year Project you have to submit all the doumentation in UAProject.

Which documentation do I have to submit?

You have all the information in the next link:

Who is responsible for selecting the board members?

The board members will be selected by the TFG/TFM Comission.


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