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Practices in Enterprise

Company practices constitute an activity of educational nature performed by college students and supervised by the University, whose objective is to allow implement and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, facilitating the acquisition of skills that prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate their employability and promote its ability to venture.

This course is located in the 4th year of the curriculum of the degree in Multimedia engineering. It is divided into "Practices external I", and "Practices external II" can be placed in the first or second quarter respectively. Each of them represents 6 ECTS, can the student pursue one or another subject, according to the period in which perform the practices. It is also possible to study both subjects with which the student would be 12 ECTS credits of practices in company.

At the beginning of the semester will be a selection of students who attend the following criteria:

  1. Students will be ordered by the percentage of credits exceeded with regard to the total number of credits for each of the qualifications. Where has two students with the same percentage of credits exceeded the average of both note be regarded.
  2. The Internship Coordinator will be naming each of the students according to the order established in the preceding paragraph.
  3. The named student will choose that company wants to make all the tendering practices and that they are currently in a situation of free.

Students will conduct its training period in the selected company and will have the protection of a guardian of the company itself and a tutor at the University which will exert further follow-up to the work of the student work.

At the end of the semester, the student will deliver a memory where they summarize the work done in the company.

Registration requirements

To be able to study the subjects of internships is necessary to have exceeded 120 credits among courses Basic , compulsory and optional.

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