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Frequent Ask Questions TFG


¿When I can enrol me of the TFG?

When surpassing 168 ECTS of the degree.

¿Which terms there is to enrol me of the TFG?

The terms of registration of each course: in September and in extension of matrícula in January.

Have the 168 ECTS necessary, but do not have clear if I go to be able to finish in June. ¿I enrol me of the TFG?

In this case it is preferable that for the moment do not do it, and in January when the future of the course already is clearer can do extension of matrícula if you consider it timely.


¿Which platform uses to transact the documentation of the TFG?

All the procedure realises through the UACloud Virtual Campus, in the application UAProject.

¿What is the proposal of TFG?

It is the description of the project that have to develop when you enrol you in the asignatura Work end of Degree. You have to choose a proposal of an affine subject to your tastes, and his election and allocation will be for a complete academic course.

¿How I can choose a proposal of TFG?

There are two options:

  • Speak with the professor to propose a proposal of a subject that result you interesting to both. In this case to the student him pre-assigns the proposal of TFG.
  • Choose a proposal of TFG in the application, when finishing the period of registration.

¿Who can insert in the application UAproject a proposal of TFG?

They can enter proposals of TFG the profesorado of the departments with teaching in the degree. The students can not enter the proposal in the application.

¿I have to be enrolled in the TFG to be able to have a proposal of TFG preasignada?

No, only you need to be student of the degree.

¿What time can have a proposal assigned without enrolling me?

The proposals assigned, without registration in the asignatura, keep 1 academic course.

¿How long I have assigned a proposal of TFG if I am enrolled in the asignatura?

The allocation of the proposal keeps during 3 academic courses.

¿How it chooses a proposal of TFG?

If you agreed with a tutor a concrete proposal, already have it pre-assigned. If no, after finalising the period of registration opens a term for the selection of the proposals of TFG by part of the students.

My tutor has included a proposal in the UAProject pre-assigned to my name, ¿have that do something more?

No, already it is all done.

If I do not have proposal pre-assigned ¿How many preferences can choose to realise the TFG?

You have to choose 5 proposals.

¿What have to do after marking the preferences of TFG?

It is recommended to speak with the professor tutor that realises the proposal of the TFG that more interest you.

¿How they assign the proposals of TFG?

The proposals assigns them the department and/or professor.

¿When they publish the definite lists of allocation of proposals?

For the students that do not have proposal preasignada, publishes the provisional list after the END OF TERM of the process of election.

¿What have to do if I do not have proposal assigned after the provisional publication?

You have to choose a proposal between which remain free, and send the data of the proposal to the coordinator of the asignatura by tutoría virtual.

¿I can change of proposal of TFG after the allocation?

The proposal of the TFG can cancel only in the period of cancellation of allocation (dates indicated in the application UAproject).

Once I have a proposal assigned, ¿what have to do to begin?

After the allocation of proposals have to put you in contact with the tutor for the realisation of the project.

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