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The registration of the University of Alicante you have to do through UAcloud, Registration in the period you are assigned, within the deadlines set in the enrollment instructions for students continuing their studies. You can register for the subjects that appear in your learning agreement and those you want to examine at the University of Alicante.

Once the deadline has expired, we will automatically register you for the optional subjects of mobility (400s) and we will pass to the minutes erasmus the subjects of your agreement.

If after that period, you need to modify your registration, you have to request in the Office of mobility of the EPS, in writing, by an instance or or through UAcloud, eAdministration, Instancia Genérica or by email to, using your e-mail in the University of Alicante.

Remember that it is very important that the name and code of the subjects of learning and tuition to coincide, as well as the name and the number of ECTS credits for the subjects or courses in the learning and the transcript of records (certificate of marks that give the host University). If you need to make modifications to match those data, you can reapply for making changes.

The Permanence and Continuation studies of Grade points on the first additional provision:
"With the aim of facilitating national and international mobility and given that students who are granted a place of mobility in an academic course is subject to its own rules for these purposes, the present regulations of permanence during that academic year will not be applied, with the exception of the requirements to register the Final Project, which will be enforceable." In order to not apply to your registration the rules of permanence in the course in which you have granted a mobility program, at the time of registration you have to select on the same screen in which you select the MEC scholarship , "outgoing mobility students".

Optional subjects in degree mobility:

Tuition for the optional subjects of mobility of degree programs, you can't perform through the virtual campus. We will enroll you on your own, because the registration and the agreement must coincide.

The optional subjects of grade mobility are generic credits, which allow do subjects or courses at the host university which find not easy recognition in the record of the University of Alicante. Once the subject of the host University, "Elective subjects of mobility" is renamed in the record by the subject or course exceeded.

To put a mobility subject of 6 credits in your agreement, put in the code 406. For a new subject of mobility of 6 credits, the code 416:

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