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Master Thesis

Documentation to give students

For the reading of the TFM, the / the student must submit the following documentation in PDF format through the UAProject of the Virtual Campus application:

1. memory of the TFM.Style specifications:

Cover of the memory of the TFM.

Book of style for memories of TFG/TFM of the EPS.

2. Overview of the TFM.Its extension should not exceed 500 words.

3. vertical orientation poster.The dimensions of the po % u0301ster will be % u0301n 0.7 m wide and 1.0 m of height. The style of the poster is free. You must include the name of the certification and the name and the surname of the student, as well as the title of the TFM and month and year of its presentation. The poster should not include the name of the guardian.

4. statement of responsibility and authorship of the TFM.This document shall be given compulsory signed by the author of the TFM.

Evaluation of the final Master work

Documentation for the / ACE tutors

Before the evaluation of the TFM, requires that the / tutor/to co-ordinator contribution the following documentation through the UAProject application on the Virtual Campus:

1. report of the / as guardians of the TFM.

2 Court proposal (with date-time - place). Described in "Remarks" on the confirmation of the reading of the TFM. See information on regulations, paragraph "V." Courts of evaluation of work end of degree/Master "."

Documentation for the Court

After the evaluation of the TFM, the / Secretary will deliver the following documents at the Registration Office of the building Polytechnic I:

1. individual members of the Court assessment.

2. documentary of the TFM liability statement.


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