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Practices in Enterprise

One of the most interesting options that has been bet in this Master's degree to complete the formation of the student, is the opportunity for internship in a company. Intends that the student has the option to integrate into the labour and industrial marketplace, gain experience in the automatic and robotic, and at the same time, apply the knowledge acquired during the Master classes. In this way, the profile of the companies in which the practices will be developed must strictly belong to the field of automation and robotics.

Company practices constitute an optional subject called External practices, 6 ECTS, in which students will develop professional activities related with the automatic and robotic in a company for a period of 120 h (20 h/ECTS credit) during the second semester of the Master.

The student will have a tutor in the company that will guide you during the internship. The tutor must belong to the company and will have to establish a work plan for the student. In addition, the student will have a tutor at the University, who shall be a belonging to the Master teacher. The tutor of the University, will oversee the work carried out by the student, being continually in contact with the tutor of the company.

The current regulations that govern practices in company or external for college students is published in the Official Gazette. The Royal Decree can be seen at the following web address:

Typology of enterprises: the internships offered within this Master must meet a series of technological requirements related to the theme of the master. The company or technology centre where practices are made must be linked to the fields of automation and/or robotics. In addition, the project offered should favor the development of skills and knowledge acquired by the student during the classes. This project, before being offered, must be validated by the person responsible for the subject of practice external to corroborate that the tasks to be developed by the students relate to the practical aspects of the automation and robotics. Currently, there are already many covenants made with different companies and technology of Spain (mainly of the Comunidad Valenciana) centers so students can develop part of tasks in projects closely related to the automation and robotics.

The guardian profile: two tutors should be to supervise students during the internship. One of them, the guardian in the company, must be responsible for the Technology Department to develop the project. The tutor of the University, must have the knowledge and experience to guide and supervise the concrete project to develop in the company. Within the field of the subject matter of this Master's degree, automation and robotics, it is possible to develop different projects within enterprises, so the profile of the tutor of the University must be adapted to this project of the student.

Currently, there are contacts with several companies and technological centres for the development of practices in companies. Below, some of them are:

  • Aisoy Robotics.
  • Asociación de Investigación de la Industria del Juguete, Conexas y Afines.
  • CFZ Cobots.
  • Centro Tecnológico del Mueble de la Región de Murcia.
  • Centrol Tecnológico del Calzado y Conexas.
  • Domo3.
  • Embention.
  • Future Technologies.
  • Helados Alacant.
  • IML Robotics.
  • Mecánica Tamegar.
  • Miniland.
  • Vimasol e Hijos.

In addition to practices in enterprise, also over the years in what has been teaching the Master, there have been different offers of work for graduates with training in the master's degree in automation and robotics. Therefore, in order to coordinate job offers and to foster the employability of students enrolled in the Master, a work bag has been opened for those students who are enrolled.

The graduates of this master's degree will be recognized experts in automation and robotics, field in which may exercise their professional capacity in the bosom of specialized industrial companies and public or private agencies. In addition, the level offered in the subjects of the master, will be training professionals with research profile that will also accommodate the environment academico-investigador, offering other types of output as it is the access to doctoral programs. Within the possible jobs or positions of graduates within enterprises, a possible list is shown below:

  • Engineer/specialist systems Control automatic.
  • Engineer/specialist systems of automation.
  • Robotic systems engineer/specialist.
  • Systems engineer/specialist mechatronic.
  • Systems engineer/specialist.
  • Engineer/specialist modelling and simulation of systems.
  • Electronics and control systems applications engineer/specialist.
  • Engineer of maintenance, repair and upgrade of electronic and robotic systems, equipment and components.

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