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Master Thesis

Steps for the defence of the TFM

All the formalities for the defence of TFM realise through the tool UAProject of UACloud CV. To continuation indicate the steps to be followed for the defence of the TFM, including the person that has to realise them (student or tutor). It consults the dates of these steps for each announcement (dates).

  • Step 1: application of defence (by part of the student).
    • Announcement C3: 11 May 2020.
    • Announcement C4: 15 June 2020.
  • Step 2: delivery of the memory of the TFM to the tutor (by part of the student). They establish the following dates like tope of delivery depending on the announcement selected:
    • Announcement C3: 29 April 2020.
    • Announcement C4: 22 June 2020.
  • Step 3: confirmation of defence (by part of the tutor).
  • Step 4: it sent of the TFM to UAProject (by part of the student). Each student will have to deliver through the tool UAProject a file compressed with the following documentation: 
    • Memory of the TFG.
    • Summary of the TFG, with an extension that do not exceed of the 500 words.
    • Document of responsibility and authorship of unpublished work pdf ).
  • Step 5: evaluation of the project (by part of the tutor).
  • Step 6: defence of TFM in front of the court.

Memory of the TFM

Each degree has established a distinctive colour for the covers of the memories of the TFM that defend . Besides it exists a guide of style of the EPS that has to be been still in the preparation of a memory of TFM: 

Some of the projects presented in previous announcements can consult in:

Defence of the TFM

The exhibition will not have to exceed of 15 minutes. In case to be necessary a practical demonstration, the student will have of 5 additional minutes, as long as it have communicated it previously.

So much the components of the court like the alumnado can consult the Protocol of performance during the oral exhibition of the TFM to know the different points of the defence. 


Tasks and documentation for the Court

Before the defence, each component of the Court will be able to access to the memory of the TFM to evaluate through UAProject (option "Works confirmed").

After the defence of each student, the court will proceed to his evaluation. From said evaluation the secretary will fill up the final record of evaluació finds in the tool UAProject, in "Member court" > "Works confirmed" (button RTF 1)Will have to print a copy for each project. Finished the process of evaluation, the secretary or secretary of the court will establish the note in the corresponding section of UAProject and will deliver in the Office of Postgrado of the EPS the documentation.


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