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The advantages of semi-presentiality

By University of Salford Press Office [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

According to a report published by the Conference of Directors and Deans of Computer Engineering (CODDII) in 2013, the quantity of students that work while they study a Master in Computer Engineering has been of 100% in the last few years. For the rest of degrees of degree in Computer and equivalent Engineering (before EHEA), also this percentage is high: around 65%. It reflects then that exists an interest by part of the students in following their training at the same time that they realise their professional career. It is necessary to establish mechanisms that facilitate performing formative and professional tasks simultaneously, as for example the adoption of a semi-presential character in the process of education-learning. Boosting, in this way, the active learning key concept of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

In the course 2015/2016, semi-presentiality will be a reality in the Master in Computer Engineering of the University of Alicante. The purpose this pursues is dual:

  • Those students coming from the Degree in Computer Engineering, can begin their professional career without missing the chance of receiving upper level training.
  • Those students coming from pre-EHEA plans(Computer Engineering, Technical Engineering in Computing Management and Technical Engineering in Computing Systems) that are currently employed, can have the opportunity to adapt their skillset to those established in EHEA, improving their education accordingly.


¿How will the Master be organised?

It will follow the "flipped-classroom" methodology of education-learning: the students, therefore, will attend practical sessions two evenings each week and they will prepare the theoretical sessions at their own rythm, combining guided with autonomous work.

This is the opportunity that you were expecting

The semi-presentiality aspect of the master is key in allowing students to simultaneously improve their education while maintaining active professional careers. Moreover, the education-learning process implemented has been spefically designed to successfully attain the skillset required to obtain a Master's degree. 

As a last year student of the Degree in Computer Engineering (or equivalent degrees) or graduated in a pre-EHEA plan, enrolling in the Master in Computer Engineering semi-presentially is a great opportunity since the Ministry Council (24/4/2015) has passed a resolution where Level 2 (Degree) is equivalent to Technical Engineering in Computer Management and Systems).

¡Take the chance and improve your education above the standard Degree level; learn at the same time you are working, taking advantage of the semi-presential character of the Master in Computer Engineering!

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