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The MSc in Computer Engineering provides effective management skills in the area of computer engineering and information and communication technology. Advanced training is offered in computer technologies aimed at the development, planning, leadership, coordination as well as technical and financial management of projects in all areas of computer engineering, in line with established quality and environmental criteria. It is regulated by the guidelines established by the Council of Universities on June 8, 2009, which provide recommendations regarding the content and structure of computer engineering master’s degrees in Spain.  Its precursors are the BEng Computer Engineering and the BEng Multimedia Engineering.

The MSc is aimed at professionals, many of whom are working; therefore, classes are held exclusively in the afternoon or evening and there is a distance learning component to provide greater flexibility. 

The MSc programme comprises the following highly demanded technologies: administration of computing infrastructure; integration technology; audits and certification; internet services; technological innovation; team leadership; project management; information systems; high performance computing; embedded and ubiquitous systems; knowledge-based systems; distributed systems; security and privacy; corporate systems; strategic planning; creative thinking; computing systems quality; cloud computing. 

After successfully completing the MSc, access to doctoral programmes in the European Higher Education Area is possible, such as the doctoral programme offered by the University of Alicante’s Instituto Universitario de Investigación en Informática (IUII). The IUII comprises a team of internationally renowned researchers whose participation in national and international projects involves collaboration with some of the most prestigious universities internationally. As a result, the IUII has generated a significant number of doctoral theses.

Employability of MSc as well as PhD holders is very high, both in leading national as well as international companies.

Course Content

Course Content

To obtain the MSc, 90 ECTS credits must be completed across obligatory modules (48 ECTS credits) and optional modules (30 ECTS credits) of 6 ECTS credits per module. The Master’s Degree Final Project is valued at 12 ECTS credits.

Apart from the obligatory 48 ECTS credits, 30 ECTS credits from the optional group of modules need to be completed, from which 18 ECTS credits are from the student’s chosen stream of specialization. The other 12 ECTS credits may be from the other specialization streams. 

Type of module

Nº of ECTS Credits





Final Master’s Project





Obligatory Modules


Strategic management of Information Technology (IT)

Auditing and certification

Design of internet services and applications

Design and administration of computer infrastructure

Applied technological innnovation

IT integration

Management of IT projects

Computing Technologies: Implementation scenarios


Final Master’s Project


Optional Modules


Auditing and quality of computer systems

Computer Forensics  

Security and Privacy 

Quality of computer systems

Internet services and applications stream

Internet based architecture

Information Retrieval and Search Engine Optimization

User-centric  design

Infrastructure and corporate systems stream

Security and Privacy

Advanced network architecture

Ubiquitous computing and industrial systems Computación Ubicua y Sistemas Industriales

Computer technologies for innovation stream

High performance computing Computación de Altas Prestaciones*

Information Retrieval and Search Engine Optimization

Applied artificial intelligence

*the language of instruction is Spanish but professors and lecturers can provide guidance and some tuition in English. 

Master in Computer Engineering

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