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Registration recommendations

Academic requirements

Academic requirements

Application and Registration

Application for the 2018/2019 course.

Relation of documents :

  • Photocopy of the DNI, NIE or passport currently valid .
  • Photocopy of the title with which access.
  • Photocopy of the Academic Certificate (for the applicants of the University of Alicante suffices with an informative index card of his file, that can take out through virtual campus).

Applicants with  foreign title no recognised , in addition to the documents related previously, will have to present:

  • The translations of all the documents presented writings in distinct tongue  to the Spanish, Catalan or Valencian.
  • Will be able to request any document to check the equivalence of the foreign title to the Spanish title that gives him access.  See requirements .

Regulations for the continuation of studies for students enrolled in the Master's Degree (BOUA 24.07.2018: only available in Spanish and Catalan languages).

Guide for subject selection

It is recommended to check the  guide  in order to choose subjects properly and within an itinerary.

Master Financing

In addition to the scholarships and grants that exist to partially or totally cover the costs of registration for the master's degree, if the student is working, s/he can benefit from the Fundación Tripartita for the Training and the Employment.


The Máster will be able to result  free  through the system of bonuses of the Fundación Tripartita for the Training and the Employment. So that it result like this, has to remit the following documentation to the Department of Training of the Foundation Company-University of Alicante (FUNDEUN):

Index card filled with data of the student/to and of the company where work (model facilitated by FUNDEUN: ).

Annex of adhesion to the Agreement signed by the legal representative of the company (model facilitated by FUNDEUN: ).

If the company interested has of Representative of the Workers, document that certifies that the representatives have been informed and have accepted that the student/to will assist to the formative action (model facilitated by FUNDEUN: ).

FUNDEUN Will invoice to the company the costs of this gestión by amount of 100 € more VAT. Said costs also are susceptible to be bonificados through the Fundación Tripartita.

More information:

Ask after Marga Ruiz Bottle. Greater school, University of Alicante. Telephone 96 590 38 33.


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