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Rules and Documentation


Documentation to deliver by the students for the defence of the TFM

For the defence of a TFM will be necessary to deliver the following documentation through the tool UAProject of UACloud (Virtual Campus):

  • Memory of the TFM
  • Summary
    • Summary of the TFM with an extension that do not exceed of the 500 words.
  • Poster of vertical orientation (optional, only in case of presentation in modality poster)
    • The style of the poster will be free, although it will have to include obligatoriamente the name of the degree and the academic course, as well as the title of the TFM, and the name and surnames of the or the students. The poster does not have to include the name of the tutors or tutors.
  • Statement of responsibility and authorship of the TFM


Documentation for the tutors
  • The tutor has to confirm the work of the student by means of the option "Confirmation data of the TFM" of UAPROJECT. In this option allows to attach some documents ZIP with the report of the tutor.
  • Report of the/the tutor/is (version PDF / version WORD) This document has to be downloaded, signed, scanned and gone up to UAPROJECT. Besides, the tutor, also in UAPROJECT has to put a qualification (no vinculante) to the project.
  • The commission of TFM is the attendant to compose the courts. Excepcionalmente, can delegate this function in the tutors of the TFM.


Documentation for the court
All the members of the court
  • The memories of the works and the reports of the tutors can be downloaded from the application UA Project, going in in "Member court" > "Works confirmed", and selecting the plan of studies and the corresponding announcement.
President of the court
Secretary of the court
  • Individual record for each member of the court (download here). Will have to download and print 3 copies for each project (for the 3 members of the court).
  • Record of evaluation of the work. It finds in the tool UAProject, in "Member court" > "Works confirmed" (button RTF 1). Will have to print a copy for each project.
  • Responsible statement (download here). Will have to fill and print for each project.



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