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requisitos de acceso

Requirements of access

When being a Máster University official, according to the Rule of the University of Alicante, to access to the Máster of Development of Applications and Web services will be necessary one of these options ;

  • Be in possession of an OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY TITLE SPANISH or another issued by an institution of upper education of the EEES (European Space of Upper Education) that empower in the country dispatcher of the title for the access to educations of Máster.
  • Be in possession of a TITLE OF UPPER EDUCATION FOREIGNER that have been RECOGNISED to the title that allows to access to the studies requested.
  • Be in possession of a UNIVERSITY TITLE obtained in a University or Centre of Upper Education of EXTRANEOUS COUNTRIES To THE EEES, without need of the previous homologation of his studies. In this supposition it is necessary to take into account:

The no recognised Title requires a technical report of equivalence issued by the University of Alicante (CONTINUOUS - Centre of Continuous Training), by which will have to credit the corresponding tax.

The access by this road will not involve, in no case, the homologation of the previous title that it was in possession the/the interested/to, neither his recognition to other effects that the one of cursar the educations of máster university.

Admission to the Máster

The criteria of selection in which it will base the Academic Commission of the Máster are:

(To) Be in possession of an Upper Degree or of Degree of Computing, Mathematical, Engineer of Telecommunications, Industrial Engineer or affine areas.

(b) Level of the academic file.

(c) Academic results in asignaturas affine to the máster.

Master's degree in development of applications and Web services

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