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Unidad Trabajo final de Máster

Didactic unit . Final work of Máster (8 Credits)

The project of end of master is basing in the realisation of a product software with business utility, in which they collect so much the knowledges of engineering of the software, that goes him to teach to apply his knowledge along all the process, from the methodology, analysis, design, implementation and proofs. Until in the technological appearance, specifically the project goes to have some minimum requirements fundamentandos in one splits Web for a final customer that would be the application to develop, like a part backend, that would commission to administer the contents of the previous.
Said minimum requirements are not argued with the possibility to increase so much the functional part, like the add innovative appearances to the architecture required.
The platform proposed by defect is .NET, although always it will be able to combine with other platforms so much to level of customer as in the part servidora.

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