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Projects dissertation of the 2014-2015 course is described below:




Intends to carry out an application for a sports club for football, consisting of teams of different categories (Cadet, junior, senior,...) which allows to manage the activity of the different sections. Gesteam is an application to streamline and improve the training and the sports club management. It will also improve social relations between the various members of the club and will facilitate communication. It is intended to automate many of the tasks that managers of the clubs tend to record manually. This way, makes the management and consultation of many aspects that would be more complicated if they conducted in the traditional way, from management of alignments and calls, either through workouts, the scouting or messages between members of the club, among other things.

Authors: Miguel Amoros, Pablo Cristian Molla, Carlos Ferrándiz, camera, Miguel Saiz
Tutor: Meliá Santiago

Video: Demo

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AndaliaVIP sets sales club which offers a service e-commerce via devices with internet access. AndaliaVIP is not a shop to use, since it initially belongs to the category of "Private Club". This directly determines the behavior of the project and the tactics used to achieve a greater number of sales and to position itself in the face of competition for months. It's a web site that sells the stock of major brands of footwear sector mainly in the Valencian Community. These are present in AndaliaVIP through campaigns of short duration and limited units.

Authors: Andrea Such, Javier Roque Bru, Imane Abousseif, Jose Tomás Juan
Tutor: Meliá Santiago
Video: Demo WebPromotional Video
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Cultural events party & culture


The purpose of this project is oriented to the creation of a software application for the management of cultural events at the national level. It is intended to provide a platform that allows the union of public stakeholders in the world of culture, for your enjoyment through the consumption of entertainment and fun-oriented variety shows.

It also offers a great business opportunity that will bring together entrepreneurs from various sectors to advertise their events in one place, bringing benefit a wider dissemination in the social world on their productive activities. On the other hand, the platform provides a value added to the population in general by promoting cultural activities, and fostering fruitful relations between businesses and consumers.

Authors: Pablo Baudí, Edilva García, María González, Diego Piñol, Elisabeth Segura
Advisor: José Norberto Mazón

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Video: Demo




Sugoku is a web platform that allows, on the one hand, the purchase of products through two modalities: direct purchase or collaborative purchase (will be a reduction in the final price of the item more users to buy the article) and, on the other hand, the exchange of products between users through a system of bids in which the interested user will select which consider best offer.

The system will allow shops and suppliers, list your items and categorize them to sell to other users, either as individual sale or collaborative sales. In addition, be permitted to users and vendors, rating transactions with other users and create a system of reputation of the user or store. Users may have a wish list, which can be accessed by other users when it comes to bid on an item of Exchange.

Authors: Aron Galdon, Carlos Genero Agulló, David Nieves, Ignacio Piera, Salvador Serrano
Advisor: David Rizo

Video: Demo

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