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The student will have help in the realisation of the practices, so much in the company as in the EPS. The student will be supervised by two tutors, one of the EPS and another of the company that serve of help and guide. The two tutors will coordinate of conjoint form the development and aprovechamiento of the practices of the student. Once that the student finalise the period of practices the educational tutor will do an assessment of the work that have realised. For this the student has to follow the following steps:

  1. The student will send periodic reports to the academic tutor with the aim that this can realise a FOLLOW-UP of the work realised.
  2. The evaluation and qualification of the student will realise according to the educational guide of the asignatura of external practices. In any case, the note that put the academic tutor will take into account so much the follow-up of the practice, the report of the tutor of the company and the evaluation of the memory of practices.
  3. The report of the tutor of the company can obtain by means of UACloud (developing, still no available). In him they appear evaluated a group of ítems and an orientative global qualification. Alternatively, also it can ask to the tutor in the company that fill up the following form  and it envie to the academic tutor.
  4. Regarding the memory of practices, say that the regulation sets a maximum period of 15 days for delivery, once completed the internship period in the company. The teacher tutor will review this report and assigned a rating on the website called "Practices agreement". If the tutor thinks that the student can opt to MH then has to present to a court evaluador formed by three professors.


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