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Tutors, frequently asked questions

How can I know the steps I have to perform during the process of supervision?

  • In the next chart you can see a simplified overview of the process and the agents involved.
  • In the following table you can see efforts making guardian and its relationship with all stakeholders involved in the implementation of a practice.

I want to be a tutor of practices, what should I do?

  • Coordinators requested tutors in general at the beginning of course, but if you have not been in contact with you, you can request it from your Director of studies or indicate it in the Office's practices in Enterprise (

Can I be a practice specifically tutor?

  • Yes. So you should get in touch with the Coordinator of the subject.

In what period are allocated practice tutors?

  • Periods coincide with the beginning of each semester. After the selection of practices by the students, the coordinators of the subjects assigned practices the tutors who demonstrate their interest by trustee practices.

If practices are made in summer what management must do?

  • The summer period is associated with practices that are enrolled in second semester. In this case, the closure of proceedings corresponds to the minutes of TFG/TFM (mid-September), so it should be considered to qualify the student in the eServices before that date and practices Coordinator can conveniently close the Act.

Who assigns me practices?

  • Since the entry into force of the new regulation, are the subjects of practice coordinators responsible for select faculty from departments that have assigned teaching in the degree.

Does what recognition mentoring practices to the tutor?

  • The current recognition practice curriculum of Bachelor and Master to be considered non-Presential courses have been assigned a load of 0.6 credits by Group (maximum 20 students), i.e. 0.03 credits/student.
  • Currently, practices of old plans and extracurricular practices (that do not have recognition of credits), obtained compensation for the tutor whenever there is budget availability.
  • At the request of the tutor, the internship office also issues certificates of recognition from the tutelage of internship which contains the relation of practice supervised for curricular accreditations.

What is the extracurricular practices?

  • They are designed to enhance the student experience in the company. It tends to be used by students who have already been in a company of curricular practices and want to continue their training in the same company.
  • They have the same characteristics as a curriculum but they have no priority over the curriculum.
  • For the student not have curriculum recognition but yes is credited to informational level from the EPS.
  • She is only granted once and may have a maximum duration of 6 months or 750 hours.
  • To not be linked to subjects, can be done at any time of the year.

What is the agreement of practices and what it is?

  • It is a document that gathers the most important aspects of the practice:
    • Start and end dates
    • Schedule in the company
    • Tasks to be performed by students
    • Economic compensation to the student (if any)
  • This document formalizes the practice and is essential to be signed by the tutor of company, the academic tutor and the student before the start of practice to make the student a legal coverage during their internship period.
  • The document is currently generated by the Office's practices and is delivered to the academic tutor manage signatures until they begin practices.

When can you go a student to a company to begin practices?

  • When Eastern practices agreement signed by all parties, never before.

What platform I use to manage practices?

  • The eServices of EPS include "Practices in business" option the options necessary for the formalization, monitoring and evaluation practices assigned to a tutor. However the UA is committed to centralizing this service via the Virtual Campus and is developing a new platform. At the time that it is operational, will be the only one that may be used by the teaching staff. When the time comes, shall be informed to the guardian about their use.

New leads to new regulations for the tutors of practices?

  • If you've already been tutor of practices, the new legislation does not introduce many changes, the main ones are:
    • Practices agreement is generated by the Office's practices in the EPS company and sent to the academic tutor for the collection of signatures.
    • Assignment by the head teacher (Coordinator)
    • The minutes are signed by the Coordinator as with any subject
    • The note is set as a percentage of the memory, monitoring and valuation of the company.
    • There is no limit in the practice note.

Does the company any evaluation practices?

  • Yes, the practices of the subject guide, sets a percentage for the evaluation of the company. This can be provided within the same eServices either by completing a form. More details about the process are given in the section "Evaluation".

When I put and how notice practices a student?

  • The notes are linked to the ordinary periods of delivery of records. In the case of the second semester, the subjects of practices can extend the completion of proceedings until September since the practice has been able to make during the summer period. The Coordinator of the course of practice is which fills in the Act.
  • The note is passed to the Coordinator by placing the note of the practice in the eServices (section "Evaluation")

Are there any limitations in the practice note?

  • No. The guardian, following the evaluation of the memory, the practice monitoring and valuation of the company, set the note that can have the maximum value, a 10.
  • Where appropriate, the tutor can propose the registration with Honor to a practice. To do so, note should reach 10 and must request it from the course Coordinator, who will convene a tribunal for his presentation and evaluation.

Is the delivery of memory of practices by the student mandatory?

  • Yes, when the student finishes the practice it has 15 days to send the memory. Shipping is required through virtual campus although the student can advance it to the guardian by other means (email, paper...)
  • The memory has a weight in the overall evaluation of the practice outlined in the programme guide of the subject.

Do I have to sign some practices?

  • It is not, the Coordinator of the course of practice which filled and signed the Act.

The tutor of the company has requested me a recognition of his tutoring, who manages this type of certificate?

  • Practices Office issued a certificate of recognition of the guardianship by the EPS.

Who can meet me other questions?

  • In the Office practices of the EPS sita in Polytechnic I, next to the room of degrees. By email to, or calling the 9911.
  • By contacting the academic Coordinator of internships by e-mail ( or arranging an appointment from the eServices.




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