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new program 2018

Work end-of-degree consists of an original to perform individually work in which the student develops a project in the field of engineering in computer science of nature-specific technologies professional that will synthesize and integrate the skills acquired in a along all the qualification degree.

The methodology used is the address of final degree project: 100%, through seminars, individual tutoring and activities necessary and particularized according to develop as a project end of degree work.

Such work should be presented and defended before a University Court. There are two ways of defense: mode A is an oral presentation (maximum mark of 10) and mode B is poster presentation (maximum mark of 8).

With rules

Regulation which regulates the TFG in the EPS: Regulation of GFR/TFM of the EPS

Protocol for action during the oral presentation of the GFR in the EPS: Protocol of EPS TFG/TFM readings

Modification Regulation on the Works End of Degree

Specific rules for computing: Development of the regulation of GFR for the degree in computer engineering

Steps for the defense of the Dissertation

All procedures for the defence of TFG are made via the tool UACloud CV UAProject.

Below are the steps to follow for the defense of the Dissertation. Check the dates of these steps for each call (dates).

  1. Confirmation of Defense by the student.
  2. Confirmation of defense from your tutor.
  3. Delivery of GFR by the student.
  4. Delivery of report form tutor.
  5. Preparation of defence and court calendar by tutor.
  6. Defense of the Dissertation.

Documentation for the delivery

A file compressed with the following documentation shall be delivered through the UAProject tool:

  • Memory of the GFR
  • Overview of the GFR , with an extension not to exceed 500 words.
  • Poster of vertical orientation (optional for A mode). (70 x 100)
  • Document of responsibility and ownership of unpublished workpdf ).

Defense of the Dissertation

See the Protocol during the oral presentation of the Dissertation for the different points of the defense.

Mode at the exposure should not exceed 15 minutes. If needed a practical demonstration, the student will have 5 additional minutes, provided you have communicated.

In the case of the B mode exposure shall not exceed 5 minutes.



Documentation for tutors

The guardian shall:

  1. Confirm the defence of TFG, once requested it the / student/a.
  2. Optionally, the tutor may indicate a court and place and date of Defense.
  3. Complete the report of the guardian via the Virtual Campus.
Documentation for the Court

The Court will find the necessary documentation in the UAProject tool.


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