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Help autentificación in the EPS

¿Who can give of high like user of the EPS?

To give you of high like user of the Polytechnical School have to be student or professor of the same. The post that will have to use for the high is the same with which access to your uaCloud.



I do not remember my password of my user of the EPS. What have to do?

Request a new password in the link


There you must enter your EPS web user. If you don't remember it, you can try it with your UA email.

The web user is usually the part before the arroba. For example the user must be myName

You will receive an email in your email account with a link.




If you click on the link in the email, the screen to change the password will appear. This link will serve you for 4 days. If you take longer to access it, you will have to make a new link request.


I want to change my password of the EPS

Go to the web page of the Polytechnical School: and go in to the e-services



It carries us to the page of the and-services where have the link to  "request new password"




And now you can request the change of password 


Also you can change the password from your menu of the and-services of the EPS.  You puncture at the side of your name
And a menu will appear with the option of changing the password

Norms to choose a good password

- It has to have at least eight characters.

- It has to contain at least some caracter of three of the four groups: Capital letters, tiny, numbers and special characters.

        Special characters: !@$%^()_-={}|;<>?,

- It does not have to have consecutive identical characters.

 - It will not have to contain personal data like name, surnames, post and similar

A good password does not have to be detectable by a program that, for example, test with the words of a dictionary.

I do not remember the password of my email of the University of Alicante

The data to go in to see your email are the same that to go in to the Virtual Campus. When you enrol you for the first time, the University sends you a letter with your email and the password to access. This post is not responsibility of the technicians of the Polytechnical School, but to continuation explain you as you can change this password if you know you the one of the Virtual Campus.

It remembers that there are two passwords that are not the same:

  • The password of the Virtual Campus and Post Eletrónico (webmail) that depends on the University.
  • The password of the Polytechnical School that serves to access to the computers of the free classroom and to go in to the services of the School from his web page.

It goes in in the page of the University: and it presses on the option WEBMAIL that appears in the blue menu of the top. It will appear the page to access to the post of the University.

It presses on the sentence Change of password of autentificación to change the password. It will appear the following window:



Put your user (email of the UA) and the key of the Virtual Campus in the boxes from above. In the ones of down put the new password and repeat it again, afterwards presses the button Accept and will have changed your password of the email and of the Virtual Campus of the University.

If have any problem in relation to the email of the UA have to direct doubts and incidences to


do not remember the password of the virtual campus

In this case you have to attend to the office of the centre to the that belong, in this case, to the office of the Upper Polytechnical School.

Still I follow with problems with my user...

In this case you can attend to the classroom of free practices in the Classroom L04 (Polytechnical building I, where is the office) or call to the extension 2782 where will attend you a scholar to resolve your doubts.