ITALC (Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers) Is a didactic tool for professors that facilitates the educational work to the professor by means of tools that allow him:


  • Realise demonstrations from his team.
  • Block the teams.
  • Remote control.
  • Sending of messages.
  • Close sessions of user.
  • Turn off teams.
  • Obtain captures of screens.
  • Remote execution of applications.


ITALC Finds available for windows and linux, so much the application of the professor like the one of the students. In fact the application of the professor (under window or linux) controls customers windows, linux or both mixed.



In fulfillment of the art 5 (Right of Information) of the Organic Law of Data protection of Caracter Personal (LOPD) 15/1999, applied inside this context, the professor remains forced to inform to the student of the utilisation of this software previously to all utilisation, monitoring and/or surveillance that could realise with the same.


General description of the interface

When starting the application, can see the screen divided in three very differentiated parts:

  • In the central part of the screen observarmos a map of the classroom with all the teams of the students according to the perspective of the professor. Each team comes numbered, and when happening the mouse above each team shows us the name of the student that is using it (whenever it have identified in the operating system).
  • A botonera upper with the most important operations that can realise on the teams.
  • A lateral menu situated in the left part with options of configuration.



Photo in half resolution



Available options on the teams

When starting the application go in in the way 'Surveillance'. In the window of each team can see his up to date desk (with a retardo of a second roughly), to be able to follow his activity.

The operations can realise on all the teams by means of the botonera upper, or on a concrete team, pressing the right button of the mouse in his window (appears a contextual menu with all the available options).

The available options are:



Class.  This is an option of configuration of the teams in the classroom, that does not use , since the classroom comes configured by defect when starting the application.


Surveillance.  It uses to finish a 'Demonstration' and go back to the initial state.

Demo on

Demo on.  When initiating the demonstration, the desk of the professor is visualised to complete screen (and blocked so that the students can not do at all more in the team) in each one of the teams of students.

Demo/window on

Demo/window on.  In this demonstration, the desk of the professor is visualised in the teams of students inside a window. The students can visualise the 'demo', minimise the window or close it, to the time that realise any another type of operation in the team.

Lock all

Lock all.  They block the teams of the students, preventing any execution.

Text message

Text message.  It sends a message of text in an emergent window to the teams of students.


Light.  They light the teams of students that find turned off (this option will not start the operating system, will remain in the 'lilo').

Turn off

Turn off.  They turn off the teams of students that find lit (requests confirmation before turning off all the teams of the classroom).


Reiniciar (Only in contextual menu).   reinicia The team selected whenever it find lit.


Run.  They execute commandos in the teams of students. It is necessary to take into account that the commando to execute find in the team (depends on his operating system).


Logout.  They close the open sessions of the users, going back to the screen of 'login'.


Snapshot.  It takes a 'instantaneous' of the desk of each student, saving each one like a file with extension 'png'. Can see the instantaneous in the option 'Snapshots' of the lateral menu.

Remote control

Remote control.  Pressing 'double click' on a team, will open a remote session in our desk, being able to execute any operation in his team.

View Live

View Live (Only in contextual menu).  We will open a remote session of the team selected in our desk, but this time of only reading.

Allow to the student show demo

Allow to the student show demo (only in contextual menu).  The desk of the team selected will see in the rest of teams. In the one of the professor appears the remote control, with what the 'demo' can do it the student, or the professor by means of said remote control.



Options of configuration (lateral menu)

The application already comes configured to be able to to work without having to modify any parameter. In case that it modify any, it is necessary to take into account that the application will go back to restore the options by defect in the following start.

The available options are:



Help.  Brief information on the utilisation of the application.


Classroom-Manager.  Configuration of the teams that conform the classroom, each one with his name and his direction IP.

Users connected

Users connected.  List of users connected (will appear 'unknown' in case that the student still have not done 'login').


Captures.  List of 'instantaneous' (snapshots) taken of the teams. Each instantaneous is a file PNG of the desk of the team, with the user, date and hour. Can visualise or erase the instantaneous, although it can be more comfortable access to the files 'png' directly in the system of archives. In windows save in the directory 'C:\Documents and Settings\eps\Data of program\iTALC\Snapshots'. In linux save in the directory '.snapshots' Of the 'home'.


Configuration.  Parameters of general configuration like the time of soda, the quality of the grafícos in the demonstrations, or if by defect the remote control allows to operate in the remote team or only visualise.


Support.  It allows the remote connection to a team indicating his IP (is the same that realise 'double click' on the window of the team).


Additional notes

The application of the professor only finds available in the team of the professor.

When initiating the application will try to open a connection with all teams of the classroom. It can that late some seconds in realising the connection with all they. The teams turned off (or with some problem of network) will appear as 'team no available'.

If it closes the application of the professor and goes back to execute without expecting some seconds to that it close all the open connections, will give an error in screen indicating that 'the service seems not being ejecuntándose'. Only it is necessary to expect some seconds and go back to execute the application.