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Welcome to the thirteenth edition of

Master's degree in development of applications and Web services (MasterWeb) 19/20

Study an official master's degree on the latest technologies or one of the four executive programs that form it, all based on your interests and availability,


This Máster offers the possibility to obtain a professional specialisation in the development of the software that can be taken advantage of by engineers and technical engineers of Computing recently titled and by computer professionals in active that wish to update his knowledges and skills.

The MasterWeb of the University of Alicante has been designed for those professionals in the world of information technology who know the essential need to expand and update their knowledge.The continuous change in the training requirements of professionals in the world of technologies, makes it essential to keep up to date to adapt to the continuous professional challenges posed by the market.The Masterweb incorporates into its program the new training elements: microservices, programming for mobile devices, cloud computing, security, agile development methodologies and many more that you can know by viewing the master's training program.

The MasterWeb contains a practical program where you can learn the latest technologies (Azure, Angular, Node JS, Visual.Net, Android Studio, Ionic...) with help from proven professionals.


Teaching model

The MasterWeb is taught in a practical way. Students learn by solving problems using technology learned in each session. We believe the best way to learn a technological concept is to use it as a mechanism for solving a problem. It is not just knowing a technology, but learning it using it.

The Final Master's Project allows the student to be integrated into a team to solve a complex problem.


The master consists of four executive programs that can be studied individually or totally so that you can combine your training with your professional occupations.

  • Software methodologies and Big data
  • Web development with .net and Azure
  • Mobile and Front-End Development with Java and JavaScript
  • Security and web servers


To obtain the master's degree you must pass the four executive programs plus a common subject and the final Degree Project.

You can know the content of each of the subjects that form these units on the corresponding page.


The faculty staff of the Master Web of the University of Alicante is formed by experts of recognized prestige in the field. The teachers not only have the technical knowledge of the technology they impart but also have the pedagogical skills that allow them to impart it in a pleasant way and that is easily assimilated. You can meet our faculty and their curriculum on the cloister page. 

Contact us

On this website you can find information about the contents taught in the master, if you have any questions or want more information you can contact us through the email


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